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Tyee Lakes Hike
About 2.8 miles roundtrip and 1200 ft. vertical to 1st Tyee Lake
About 5 miles roundtrip and 2000 vertical ft. to 5th Tyee Lake


The Tyee Lakes trail head can be found off South Lake Road between Table Mountain Group Camp and Willow Campground. When headed up-canyon, it is on the right hand side of the road. There is parking along the road near the trailhead sign.
Cross the footbridge that goes over the South Fork of Bishop Creek. Follow the trail as it meanders up the canyon wall. The first section is exposed and is an excellent place to view wildflowers in the early season. The trail remains in open country as it ascends but then enters patches of forest that provide cover and shade. You will encounter a series of switchbacks that weaves through the forest. There will be openings that will provide excellent views looking down the canyon. The small pond visible down canyon is locally referred to as Mud Lake. At this point, you just might get mobile phone reception, so check your email and text messages if you want to take a rest break.

There are flat stretches of trail, but for the most part, this hike is uphill switchbacks until you are almost to First Tyee Lake. The lake will come into view and provides a welcome panorama as you wend you way around the north side of the lake. There are ample small brook trout to be had should you choose to wet a line.

After traversing the length of the lake you have a decision to make. Should I stay here or hike up to the next lake? If your legs are still with you, continue to proceed up the trail. It is a short but steep hike up to Second Tyee Lake. Second Tyee is a shallow, grassy lake but proves an excellent foreground for photos.

Want to keep going? Attack another steep, but short set of switchbacks that lead you to Fourth Tyee Lake. What happened to Third Tyee Lake? As you ascend the trail look to the left, (southwest,) and you will see the small Third Tyee Lake tucked in under the mountain.

Fourth Tyee Lake will soon come into view. The best spots to lunch or to fish are right as you come up to the lake. As soon as you see the lake, start traversing to get to it. You will find a great spot with spectacular views and great fishing. Did I remind you to bring a camera?

Want more? Follow the trail on the south side of Fourth Tyee Lake as it ascends through the rocky landscape. It is a short hike up to Fifth Tyee Lake. This is a spectacular fishing lake and is very scenic. There are grassy beaches to relax on as a reward for your exercise of will in making the hike.

By the way, there is a Sixth Tyee Lake but no trail to it. To find it, follow northeast shore of Fifth Tyee Lake until you come to the inlet. (Where the creek flows in) Scramble up the rocks following the creek and you will be at Sixth Tyee Lake in a short time. I donít recommend going to Sixth Tyee unless you have a map. Frankly, you should never hike in the wilderness without a map. OK, enough preaching.

Lunch is over and it is time to go back to camp. Follow your steps back to the trailhead. Be sure to take your time going down the steep parts. We donít want any injuries.

To download a .pdf topo map of this hike click here.


tyee lake 1



First Tyee Lake



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