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 Trophy Trout of 2014

Charlie Brown with a 2.11lb Rainbow from Lake Sabrina caught on powebait.

Vince Pedroza with a 2.07lb Rainbow caught using Powerbait at Lake Sabrina

Bud Campbell from Mission Viejo with a nice Rainbow from Lake Sabrina that weighed in at 2.53lbs caught using pink/white Berkley mousetails.

Resort GM Jared Smith with a solid Rainbow from Lake Sabrina caught using a baby golden pattern Sierra Slammer trout worm. The fish was estimated to weigh 3.5lbs and was released.

Brett Edmonson with a 2.24lb Rainbow from Intake II caught on a Sierra Slammer jig.


Riley Wallevand from Corona with 2.22lb Rainbow from Bishop Creek using Salmon Eggs

Daniel Signett from Canyon Country with a 2.84lb Rainbow out of Parchers Hole on So. Fork Bishop Creek using Red Powerbait.

A happy family with a big stringer of trout from So. Fork Bishop Creek using Grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs.


The Guerrero family with an impressive haul from North Lake including some chunky fish to 3lbs. Most of the fish were caught using mini-jigs and trout worms.

Zoey Ateho from Las Vegas catching a Rainbow Trout at North Lake with a little help from her big cousin Andy Quiceno.
The fish were caught on grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs.


A pair of wild Brook Trout caught by resort staffers Andy & Joceline during an overnight backpacking trip to Sabrina Basin


Brandon & Jordan with a nice Rainbow from Parchers Hole on Bishop Creek right next to the resort

Mel Bunnell of Upland, CA with a nice haul from Lake Sabrina. This was Mel's 57th's season visiting Parchers Resort!

Mel Bunnell with another stringer of Rainbows from Lake Sabrina

Resort staffer Joceline Quiceno with a quality Rainbow caught & released at Lake Sabrina

A fat Brown Trout caught from a kayak at South Lake by resort staffer Joceline Quiceno


Weir Pond Rainbow caught & released by resort GM Jared Smith on a grasshopper Sierra Slammer jig



Resort staffers Seth Blackamore and Ryan Smart made an evening trip this week to PVR down in Bishop for some excellent action on gorgeous Brown Trout

Resort staffer Joceline Quiceno holding a Golden Hybrid caught on the the fly/bubble combo at Treasure Lakes - Bihop, Creek Canyon 8-8-14



The Colletts posing with yet another quality fish from Lake Sabrina. Drew (holding the fish) caught the beast on his Superman fishing pole using nightcrawlers - it weighed in at 3.15lbs on the digital scale.

The Flynn family with a beautiful haul from Lake Sabrina on Powerbait

Resort staffer Seth Blackamore with a chunky wild Rainbow caught & released at  Green Lake

Elise, Matt & Brady Collett with a nice set of keepers from Intake II caught on Nightcrrawlers

6lb 7oz Rainbow from Weir Pond - caught the week ending 7-20

Young Mr.Ochoa with a nice bunch of fish from Bishop Creek Middle Fork including one weighing in over 2lbs


Mr. Bustos with a nice tringer of Rainbows from 1.5lb s to 2lbs from Lake Sabrina- powerbait and Thomas Buoyants produced near the dam.



The Linenmeyer family from Camarillo, CA with a nice limit of trout from Bishop Creek


Brian Mcdaniel of Bakersfield and Richard Russell from Temecula with some nice limits caught at Weir Pond on natural colored Gulp! Worms.




Riley Wallevand with a nice limit caught in the So. Fork Bishop Creek


Alan Erickson from Redlands, CA nailed this 2.90lb Rainbow in the So. Fork Bishop Creek on Sierra Gold. Pictured here with his Mom Becky Robertson who helpd net the beast.



Kerry Crab from Westminister, CA with a solid 2lb Rainbow from the So. Fork Bishop Creek



Steve Davison from Agoura Hills, CA with a nice 2.70lb fish caught in So Fork Bishop Creek on a salmon egg.




om Croal with a beauty from Intake II in May 2014



John Batzloff from San Diego, CA with a 3.21lb Rainbow caught from Bishop Creek South Fork using a Lime Sierra Slammer jig.



The Dorris Family from San Diego, CA had a fantastic day on the South Fork of Bishop Creek catching and releasing a bunch of fish and keeping these few, the largest of which all weighed between 2lbs and 3lbs. They used Sierra Slammer jigs and Berkley Mice Tails to fool these trout.



John Batzloff from San Diego with a 2lb 4oz Rainbow from Bishop Creek he caught using a King Crimson Sierra Slammer jig.



Debbie Camara from Norco, CA with a nice Rainbow Trout from Bishop Creek that weighted in at just under 2lbs. Debbie caugth the tagged DFW Brood Stock fish on Pink Powerbait.



Rick Swanson from Riverside (left) and Kam Jamneshan from Corona (right) wasted no time catching some monsters at Weir Pond just hours after checking in on Thursday 5-15. Rick's fish went 6.5lbs on the digital scale and Kam's weighed in at 5lbs. Both were caught using orange/pink minijigs.



Kam Jamneshan followed up with this chubby 6lb 2oz Rainbow on Saturday morning 5-17. He nailed this fish again at Weir Pond, this time on a king crimson Sierra Slammer jig.



If you caught a lunker in the Bishop Creek Canyon and don't see your picture here, please email us and we'll put it up on the website.


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