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Trophy Trout of 2013

David Rodriguez Sr. from Norwalk, CA with a 2.42lb Rainbow caught at Weir Pond using a Salmon Egg.

Tyler McKee from Long Beach, CA with a 2.02lb 'bow caught in Bishop Creek using a white mini-jig.



14 year old David Rodriguez from Norwalk, CA with a beautiful 3.25lb Alpers trophy trout caught at Weir Pond on purple powerbait.


Roy Beard from Downey, CA with a chunky 2.22lb Rainbow caught in Bishop Creek on red Powerbait.


Mike Page and Leela Moghadas from San Diego, CA showing off "his & hers" catch of the week. Mike's fish weighed in at 2.6lbs and Leela's at 3.2lbs. Both were caught using orange gulp eggs at Parchers Hole on So. Fork Bishop Creek.


Joe Darrieulat from San Diego with a 3.08lb Alper caught on crawler in So. Fork Bishop Creek near Willow Campground.


Bob Tomaneh with 3lber caught on orange Powerbait in the creek above Willow Campground



Dave Dennett from San Diego, CA with a solid 3.2lb Rainbow caught on the So. Fork Bishop Creek just below Parchers Hole.



Ana Cranmer from San Pedro, CA with a 2lb Rainbow caught on teh Middle Fork Bishop Creek using a black Roostertail.

Neal Matsuno from Los Angeles with a chunky 3.72lb hook-jawed Rainbow he caught at Intake II using a Phoebe..


Trevor Kovar from San Diego, CA caught this healthy stringer at North Lake this week.



Jeff Hulse from West Hills, CA used a Panther Martin spinner to land an incredibly streamlined 23 holdover Alper that weighed in at 3.82lbs.


Top fish from the South Fork this week was a healthy 4.14lb beauty caught by Jeff Hulse from West Hills, CA using Salmon Peach PB down by the Tyee Bridge.


Malory Churchill from San Diego, CA with a hefty 3lb Rainbow from North Lake.



Tristan & Bobby Gasaway from Yucaipa, CA hoisting a most impressive pair of rainbows weighing 3.75lbs and 3.15lbs, both caught on Thomas Buoyant lures.


Gunnar Trowbridge of Sunland, CA with a solid 2.05lb Rainbow caught  in the So. Fork Bishop Creek on salmon eggs.


Matthew Ruscitti from Escondido, CA with a 19.5" Rainbow that weighed in at 3.10lbs. Matthew caught the bruiser in the So. Fork Bishop Creek just across from Parchers Camp using 2lb test and a salmon egg.



Tim Weber of Palmdale, CA with a solid 2.25lb Brood Stock Rainbow caught at Intake II with a Gulp pinched crawler with garlic.


John Fagan of Sun City with a chunky 2.82lb Brooder caught in the So. Fork Bishop Creek above Parchers using a white Sierra Slammer jig.



4lb holdover Rainbow caught 7-3-13 at the South Lake inlet on a nightcrawler.


3.2lb holdover Rainbow out of South Lake 6-20-13 on a mini-jig/crawler combo


Alice Russell of Alta Dena,CA with a solid 3lber caught at Weir Pond on the nightcralwer. She was very excited to be 85 years young and still catching trophies!

Joe Hamilton of Encinitas, CA with a nice 3.13lb Rainbow caught at North lake on a nightcrawler.

Michaeil Shrewsbury (left) of Pomona and Erniie Martinez (right) of La Habra, CA showing off the best of their catch at North Lake 6-22-13. Michaeils'fish weighed in at 4.45lbs while Ernie's was 3.15lbs. Both anglers caught their trophies on Chunky Cheese Garlic Powerbait. 



John Tennant of Glendora, CA with a nice 2lb hook-jaw Brood Stock 'Bow caught at North Lake on a fly/bubble combo.


Parchers Resort GM Jared Smith with a jumbo Crowley Sac Perch that weighed in just a hair under 2lbs. The fish was caught on a 2" Sierra Slammer swimbait in Cricket.

jared smith sac perch 6-5-13


Tim Carnahan of Sky Valley, CA with Sac Perch from Crowley that weighed in at 1.87lbs. This perch fell for a motor oil red flake 2" swimbait.



Steve Dorris from San Diego with a solid Rainbow caught where Weir Pond meets Bishop Creek So. Fork.

Steve Dorris


Daniel Roberts of Camarillo, CA with a 4.56lb toad caught in Bishop Creek using salmon eggs.



Johnjay Crawford with a 4lb 4oz Rainbow caught at the Rock Slide at South Lake on a Sierra Slammers 2" Rainbow Swimbait.

johnjay crawford sierra slammers 4lb 4oz

If you caught a lunker in the Bishop Creek Canyon and don't see your picture here, please email us and we'll put it up on the website.

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