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Trophy Trout of 2011

Krisdina Karady of Corona, CA with a 5lb 'bow caught using a white mini-jig at South Lake.

Jimmy Brown of the inland empire with a monster 10lb 8oz rainbow caught using a dark mini-jig at South Lake. Biggest fish of the season!

5 year old Teddy Wheelan from Costa Mesa, CA with a little assitance from Mark Zirges holding a gorgeous 3.15oz 'bow caught at South Lake using a power egg/mealworm combo.

Dennis Jones of Imperial, CA with a 3lber caught and released during a guided fishing trip at South Lake. He fooled the beautiful rainbow fishing a mini-jig at the Gilber Glacier inlet.

Andrew Acker of Highland, CA with a solid 3lb 2oz beauty caught using his own custom poured trout worms at South Lake.

Jacob Oliver from San Diego with a full stringer topped off by a 2lb 8oz and a 2.5oz Rainbow caught at South Lake using red/gold Thomas Bouyants.

Rob Kaiser of Santa Clarita, CA with a 2.14oz 'bow caught at South Lake on a grasshopper mini-jig.


"The Sierra Phantom" with two Alpers weighting in at 2lbs and 3lbs respectively caught at South Lake using a custom fly with nightcrawler trailer.

Renee from Las Vegas, NV with a hefty stringer, as you can tell by the grimace on her face trying to hold those trout up for the camera!

"The Sierra Phantom" striked again - catching his limit topped by a 5lb 11oz toad caught from South Lake by the dam...again using a custom tied fly with a nightcrawler trailer.

Adam Testi of Murietta, CA with four Alpers to 2lbs 9oz caught from the So. Fork Bishop Creek on Friday 7/8/11.

om Misklevitz from San Bernadino, CA with a solid 3lb 3oz Rainbow from the Inlet at South Lake.

JC & Ryland Anthony with a 2lb 5oz Rainbow caught at Weir Pond on a Thomas Bouyant


Chris Collins from Simi Valley, CA with a gorgeous 3lb 10oz Rainbow caught at Parchers Hole on the So. Fork Bishop Creek.


Carol Eberhardt from Fullerton, CA with a 2lb 10oz rainbow caught in the So. Fork Bishop Creek on a Rainbow Thomas Bouyant 6-3-11


Mike Lear and Michael Lear from Rancho Cucamonga, CA with a pair of nice Alpers. Mike (left) caught his 3lb 6oz rainbow at Weir Pond on a Black Wooly Bugger. Michael (right) caught his rainbow that weighed in at just under 2lbs on the So. Fork Bishop Creek 6-3-11


Tim & Lori Carnahan with six alpers weighting between 2lbs and 4lbs 2oz caught on the Middle Fork Bishop Creek using mini-jigs and homeade flies on 6-3-11.


Tim Carnahan of Rancho Mirage, CA with a pair of Alpers from the Middle Fork Bishop Creek. One fish weighed in a 2lbs and the other weighed in at 3lbs 4oz - both caught on mini-jigs 6-1-11.

Robert Nagamoto and Kyle Marinelli of Irvine, CA scored a pair of 2lb 7oz rainbows for their stringer out of the South Fork Bishop Creek 5-27-11. One fish was caught on a Panther Martin spinner and the other fell for Salmon Peach powerbait.



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