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Trophy Trout of 2008

"Fish Story" Lori Carnahan with a beautiful 5lb 4oz lunker caught at South Lake


Lori with another toad from South Lake


Cole Peterson with a 2lber and Lauren O'Banion with a 3lber both caught in Intake II on Chunky Cheese Powerbait


From Left to Right - Lauren O'banion, Darren O'banion, Cole Peterson and Bob Peterson displaying a monster 6lb Alper caught on the South Fork of Bishop Creek with a Trout Teaser!


Ron Dale of Simi Valley with a 5.13lb Alper caught using a Wooly Bugger


Dan Newbold of Murrietta, CA with a tagged fish worth a whopping $300!!!!

Judy Smith of La Habra, CA caught and released three noteworthy fish at South Lake in a few hours fishing September 20th. The first was a 6lb Alpers Rainbows followed by a 2lb Alper. The finale was a beautifully colored 13" male Brown Trout. All three fish hit a brown/motor oil colored mini-jig. Pictured below is the 6lber and the Brown.


John Garlinger with a 4lb 4oz 'bow caught out of the middle fork of Bishop Creek


Garrett Garlinger of Oxnard, CA with a beautifully colored 5lb 1oz Alper trout caught in the middle fork of Bishop Creek.


Manny Melendez with a 4lb 2oz Alper out of South Lake using a jig


Sheri Wilson of Minden, NV with a chunky 4lb 4oz South :Lake rainbow


Heavy South Lake stringer


Eric Guinney of Orange County, CA with a 4lber from South Lake


Zita Matulevicius of Santa Clarita with a hefty 4lb 9oz Alper


Bill Sease of Camarillo, CA wit a 4lb 7oz lunker


Christopher Fyhrre of Mission Viejo, CA holding a 4lb 2oz Alper

Jeff Verdick with a toad from South Lake










Sierra Phantom with a nice 6lber!


Chris Faeth of Saugus, CA with a monster Alper out of South Lake


Morgan McCarley of Cottonwood, CA with a TAGGED 5lb 6oz beauty out of South Lake caught on a nightcrawler. Morgan was competing in the rodeo finals in Bishop.


Troy Gagliano of Poway, CA with a 2lb 5oz Alper from Bishop Creek caught using a green stinger jig.


Mike Webster of Santa Clarita, CA with a 6lb 6oz lunker caught using red Berkley Gulp.


Efrain & Kenny Espindola from Montclair, CA presenting their stringer of rainbows including a chunky 2lb 12oz Alper caught using rainbow Powerbait.


Wyatt Witt of Porterville, CA with a 5lb 1oz Alper caught on a Wooly Bugger. Wyatt was in town competing in the rodeo and managed to make quite a catch when he took the time to fish!


Leslie VoVilla of Bakersfield, CA with a 4lb 6oz rainbow from South Lake.


Chris Coon of Huntington Beach with a nice 3lb 12oz'er.


Wade Gervais from Canby Oregon with a 2lb rainbow from Weir Pond



Wade Gervais from Canby Oregon with a 6lb Alper caught at the rock slide at South Lake on a natural colored Berkley Powerworm.

Bill "Tweaker" Gill with a 4lb Alper from South Lake



Danny Forde of Santa Clarita, CA with a 4lb 3oz 'bow from South Lake with a nightcrawler.


Evan Smith with a 5lber from South Lake


Joe Smith with a nice stringer caught at South Lake using jigs.


Danny & John Forde with a pair of Alpers caught at South Lake on 6-12-08


Mike Row with a 2lb 11oz and a 2lb 1oz fish caught out of north lake on a grasshopper stinger jig.


Sean Brown with a 2lb 15oz trout pulled from Bishop Creek using Orange PB.



Jeff from Santa Clarifa, CA with a tagged Alper caught on an Orange Powerworm at Weir Pond!


Martin Amezquite from Moorpark with a 3lb 6oz tagged fish caught at South Lake on a Rainbow Panther Martin.


Dave Staab with a 3lb 10oz tagged fish from Weir Pond using nightcrawlers.


Dave & Stacy Staab and Richard Sheridan(right) with a great stringer of fish from Weir Pond that weighed in at just under 10lbs!






Branden Kim, Meelad Jamshasb and Ashkan Jamshasb with their limits of chunky South Lake Rainbows taken trolling Yo Zuri lures.


Jim Green of Laguna Niguel with a healthy 4lb 11oz Alper caught on an olive Wooly Bugger.

Joe Arredondo(La Mirada, CA) & Jeff Scott (Murrietta, CA) both limited out at Weir Pond in just a few hours using crawlers and salmon eggs.


Johnjay Crawford with a monster 6lbs 2oz South Lake Rainbow caught using a Gold Kastmaster with a crawler on Sunday 4-27-08.


Matt Cahn (left) of Orange County, CA with friend Jay Boston (right) holding a chunky 4lb 14oz Alper caught near boiler cove through the ice on opening day.

Mike Williams of Canyon Country, CA with a 5lb Alper caught ice fishing.


Parchers Resort Manager Jared Smith with a 4lb Alper caught through the ice by vertical jigging a gold kastmaster.




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