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Trophy Trout of 2007

Jason Jennings with a 2lbs 4oz Rainbow out of Bishop Creek


Steve Smith of Moreno Valley CA with a 6lbs 8oz Rainbow caught using an Orange Yellow Trout Trap



Pete & Dan Candela holding up a pair of Alpers caught using Powerbait/Gulp at South Lake. The fish weighed in at 4lbs 5oz and 4lbs 1oz.



Carl Snyder Napa CA with a 6lbs 4oz lunker caught on a Rainbow Pattern Thomas Bouyant lure.



Parchers Resort Manager Jared Smith with a 5lb 6oz Alper caught using a mini-jig on 9/26/07


Doug Morgan of La Mesa CA holding a 5lbs 14oz Alper caught on an Orange Trout Trap



Jonathan  Sparza of West Covina, CA with a fat 4lb 5oz Alper that was fooled by a nightcrawler at South Lake.



Tim Carnahan of Rancho Mirage, CA holding up three nice rainbows caught out of South Lake. On the left, one fish fell for a Brown Trout pattern Rapal and one went for an Orange Powerworm. Tim nailed two more lunkers over 4lbs including a fish that weighed in at 6lbs 4oz (picture to the right) using a white mini-jig.

9-26-07 & 9-28-07


Dale Back of San Diego with a beautifully colored rainbow that fell for a white mini-jig tipped with mealworm. The toad weighed in at 5lbs 4oz.




Kyle Dodder of Yucaipa, CA hoisting two chunky rainbows caught from South Lake using Orange Powerworms. The fish on the right weighed in at 7lbs 6oz while the trout on the left hit the scales at just under 4lbs. At 7lbs 6oz, Kyle's Alper is currently number 1 on the leader board at South Lake this season. Chris Dodder, a relative of Kyle's, caught the biggest fish of 2006 with an 8lb 3oz toad so at this point, there is a good chance of the Dodder family getting big fish honors two consecutive years.



Jason Bos of Costa Mesa, CA with a 5lb 9oz rainbow caught on a Red/Gold Thomas Bouyant at South Lake.



Gabe Melendez holding up two of the trophy rainbows he caught at South Lake over the weekend of 9-8-07. The fish on the left weighed in at 5lbs even while the fish on the right tipped the scales at 6lbs 6oz. Both fish were fooled by Wooly Bugger flies.



Jim Green of Laguna Niguel with a solid 5lb 15oz Alper caught near the back of South Lake on a Wooly Bugger.


Richard Natividad of Roland Heights posing with his 5lb 10oz catch. He fooled the brut with a Thomas Bouyant.



Lindsay Holte of Mission Viejo, CA with a 5lb Alper she caught at South Lake using Berkley Gulp

Zachary Hernandez of Cerritos, CA with a 5lb 2oz beauty caught with a Watermelon Thomas Bouyant.




Aram Acemyan of Hesperia, CA holding a 5lb 1oz 'bow caught using a Rainbow pattern CD-5 Rapala.


Larry Olejnik with a 4lb 4oz trophy caught with a Roostertail.


Blake, Hayden and Luke Figerell of Placentia CA holding up a full stringer of chunky 1lb plus rainbows caught at South Lake.


Vanessa M, pictured with friends and family, had a nice day in the Bishop Creek Canyon. For a truly 1st Time Fisherman, it was an exciting time.  Although her so-called "Fishing Guides" spooled her reel, set her tension and tied Rapala and Stormís Wiggle Wart Trolling Lures, she landed and reeled, even netted all five of her own fish.    

Jim Green with a beautiful 4 plus pound Rainbow caught at South Lake.


Steve Domes with his 6lb 9oz monster he caught out of South Lake using rainbow powerbait.


John Hershey of Brea, CA and his sons posing with a chunky 4lb 4oz 'bow they caught on a pink Berkley powerworm


Bob Hill of Orange, CA nailed a beautiful 5lb 6oz Rainbow on a Rapala.


Tim Neuner & Rod Wisham of Lancaster, CA hoisting a two man limit with four of the fish well over 1lb. They caught these fish on nightcrawlers at the Gilbert Glacier inlet.




Mike Valdez of Orange, CA with a beautiful 6lb rainbow caught at South Lake using a nightcrawler and Berkley power egg combo.


Phillip Field of Bakersfield with a 4lb 8oz rainbow caught at South Lake using a yellow Roostertail


Ben, Isaac and Emma Whitwell of Los Angeles, CA posing with their 6lb 10oz rainbow caught at South Lake using an inflated crawler.

Maryanne Krpan with a chunky 2lb Brown Trout caught trolling at Gold Thomas Bouyant at South Lake.


John Montgomery of Huntington Beach, CA with a 4lb 1oz Alpers Rainbow caught at South Lake on Gulp Chunky Chartruese dough.


Kyle Michael of San Diego with a nearly 2lb wild Brown caught in the South Fork of Bishop Creek on a nightcrawler.



Tom Byrd of Bishop, CA and Thomas Byrs of Garden Grove hoisting a massive stringer of nine BROWN TROUT from 1-1/2 to 2lbs!!! Not a bad morning of fishing. They caught these lunkers using Red & Gold Thomas Bouyants.


Jeff Hulse of West Hills, CA with a 4lb 6oz Alper caught on orange powerbait



Edgar Hall of Lake Elsinore, CA with a beautifully colored 1lb 12oz rainbow caught from Bishop Creek using a salmon egg and powerbait combo.


Larry Urbanski and his son holding a 5lb 10oz rainbow they pulled from South Lake using Rainbow Powerbait.


3lb 4oz rainbow caught by Shaun Greenwood of La Crescenta, CA using a Panther Martin.


3lb 11oz Alper out of Intake II caught by Mark Fromm of Pahrump, NV.



Brent Theobald (left) and Mike Duffy (right) holding two beautiful fish they caught out of South Lake. Brent's fish was an Alper caught on a Red & Gold Thomas Bouyant and weighed in at 5lbs 9oz. Mike scored on a 1lb 8oz brown using a Trout Trap.



Chris Faeth of Saugus CA holding a nice 1lb brown caught using Powerbait at South Lake.


Gary Smith of Newbury Park, CA caught this gorgeous 2lb Brown out of South Lake over the weekend using a Kastmaster. The browns planted last week have been very active thus far so come on up and get yours!

South Lake Staffer Jeff Strickland with a nice Brownie.


Wade Gervais holding a chunky 5lb Rainbow he caught and released at South Lake using a powerworm.


Steve Toppen of San Dimas, CA with his 3lb 1oz rainbow he caught out of the South Fork of Bishop creek on a nightcrawler.


Ron Adams of Fountain Valley, CA hoisting two monster rainbows. The fish on the left weighed in at 4lbs 11oz and the other 4lbs 8oz. Both were caught using nightcrawlers at South Lake.


Sean Smith and his father Ed from Huntington Beach, CA landed this 4lb 11oz Alper Rainbow at South Lake using nightcrawlers.


Robert Harris of Tehachapi, CA holding a 2lb 9oz Alper he caught from South Lake using Rainbow Powerbait.

Parchers Staffer Jami Monsen holding a beatuful 1.5 lb rainbow she caught from Bishop Creek using a Berkley Powerworm.


Gary and his son Daniel from West Hills, CA posing with a 2lb 3oz rainbow they caught out of Bishop Creek.


Doug Wuersch of Garden Grove, CA and Peter Englert of Huntington Beach hoisting a few lunkers pulled from South Lake on 6-15-07 using green/red jigs. Doug's fish went 4lbs 10oz and Peter's went 4lbs 7oz.

Joe Smith of Pomona, CA and Clark Seny of Ontario, CA hold up a few lunkers pulled from Intake II last week. Joe's fish went 3lbs 11oz and was caught using white Berkley Gulp Dough. Clark's fish was fooled by a  brown jig and weighed in at 2lbs 13oz. Joe managed to catch a 5lber out of South Lake as well using a yellow Panther Martin.


Mike Ashworthy posing with a 5lb 6oz Alpers Rainbow caught from South Lake using Rainbow Powerbait.



Saulo Perez with a DFG brooder caught out of South Lake


Doug De La Garza of San Juan Capistrano, CA holding his 4lb 14oz Alper caught out of Bishop Creek.


Chris & Taylor Cummings of Tehachapi, CA holding their 6lb 10oz holdover caught from South Lake




Daniel Roberts of West Hills, CA with a beautiful 1lb 12oz Alper he caught out of Bishop Creek using Salmon Eggs.



Brian from Lake Elsinore, CA with his 6lb 13oz Alper that he caught out of South Lake using rainbow Powerbait.


Jeff Verdick of Palmdale, CA holding a 4lb 2oz holdover Alper he caught at South Lake on a nightcrawler.


Katherine Mautier of Artesia, CA plucked this 2lb 2oz beauty from the South Fork of Bishop creek using a piece of nightcrawler over opening weekend. It was the first Alper weighed in at Parchers in 2007.



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