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Fly fishing can be spectacular in various area waters and whether you prefer to present dries, a nymph, or strip streamers, there are plenty of Rainbow, Brown, Brook and even Hybrid Golden Trout to fool. The Bishop Creek canyon has water perfect for experienced and novice fly fishers alike.

A Feisty Wild Brook Trout


13-Acre North Lake, a very popular location for Float Tubers


The Bishop Creek Canyon  has several options for the still water fly angler.  South Lake, Lake Sabrina, North Lake and Intake II are all full of both wild and stocked trout that are eager to take a well presented fly. The use of Float Tubes is especially popular in area lakes as they allow the angler tremendous mobility and stealth for still water situations. While hatches early and late in the day offer a great opportunity for dry fly presentations, stripping streamers such as Wooly Buggers or Olive Matukas are deadly for line peeling rainbow trout.


By far the most popular spot in the Canyon for Fly Anglers is Weir Pond. This small lake is located just 1/2 mile above Parchers Resort. The name of the game here is wading. This shallow lake is only a few feet deep all the way across and any angler with a pair of chest waders can access nearly the entire lake. Wild Brook Trout and Brown Trout are prevalent here but stocked rainbows and trophy Alpers trout are also seen cruising the weed lines and stumps.

Another great spot for wading is the beaver pond adjacent to Willow Campground only 1/2 mile below Parchers Resort.


Weir Pond in the Fall


Riffling Pocket Water on Bishop Creek



Not to be overlooked is Bishop Creek itself. Between the Middle and South Forks there are 20 miles of perfect fly angling stream. From fast moving pocket water to deep meandering creek with undercut banks, the forks of Bishop Creek have it all.

Gorgeous slow water near North Lake

Backcountry fly fishing is a favorite for many anglers as once you've passed the point where the road ends and the trail begins, you're officially in wild trout country! With over fifty backcountry lakes in the Bishop Creek drainage alone, there are a lot of choices. Whether you're looking for an easy hike for small brookies or the chance to hook a huge backcountry brown, the opportunity is here!

Treasure Lakes, Bishop Creek Canyon

Volcano Creek Golden Trout



Many other world famous fisheries are within reach of the Bishop Creek Canyon. Crowley Lake, the Owens River and Hot Creek are just a few of the world class fly fishing waters in the surrounding areas.






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