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South Lake & Bishop Creek Canyon Fish Report 


Fish Report
Updated 4-23-14

Greetings fellow anglers!

Things are shaping up nicely for the fishing opener in the Bishop Creek Canyon with better than normal access canyon wide. Here is a short rundown.

So. Fork & Middle Fork Bishop Creek
Creel flows are middle of the road, perhaps a bit on the higher side, thanks to very warm weather last week. The road is nearly clear all the way from Big Trees Campground all the way up with very little snow to contend with. California Fish & Wildlife crews stocked the creek 4/22 with pan sized Rainbow Trout and a few of the larger models as well. In addition to the usual, a secret stocking of trophy fish also made its way up the canyon this week.

Intake II
Intake is ready to go with both Alpers and DFW fish being stocked this week. There's no snow left here so access is great and the small reservoir is full to the dam. Based on some inside information, there is a chance that the biggest fish of the Eastern Sierra opener will be caught here this weekend. Time will tell...

North Lake
The road is snow free and the gate is open, almost unheard of for the fishing opener. Look for this to be another hot spot in the canyon.

Weir Pond
The grass is still dead from the winter freeze so access is good. With healthy flows the pond is perfect for wading. Plenty of trout swimming around here.

South Lake
As of 4/22 the lake was about 1/3 to 1/2 ice free. The wind was blowing hard yesterday so it would be no surprise if the lake was ice free by opener on Saturday. With no stocking in 2014 we're not expecting big numbers out of the lake however anglers this opener probably have the best chance at hooking one of the big Browns lurking in the lake as without state fish to eat, and with the lake being very low due to drought and roughly 1/3 it's normal size, those fish are going to be far more aggressive than what we're used to seeing and less spread out to boot. Could the lake record fall this year? We hope so.

Lake Sabrina
Sabrina is also very low but it totally ice cree. The water is on it's way up right now but to get to the best of the fishing, anglers are still going to need to hike a bit or take a high clearance 4x4 to the back lake. Sabrina received DFW stockings through the first half of the summer last year and will likely have a better bite than South Lake.

At the very least we're hoping for creek flows similar to fall 2013 with North Lake and Intake II being fishable. We aren't bothernig to worry about a best case scenario for South Lake or Lake Sabrina yet, not until we see the snow starting to pile up.

Stay tuned for our opener wrap-up report next week.

Jared Smith & the Parchers Resort Crew

North Lake 4-22-14


South Fork Bishop Creek 4-22-14


South Fork Bishop Creek 4-22-14


South Lake 4-22-14


South Fork Bishop Creek 4-22-14

Whoppers of the Week
coming April 2014


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Actual South Lake level 7-21-13


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