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Bishop Creek Canyon Fish & Trail Report 


Fish & Trail Report
Updated 8-24-14

Summary & Trail Report
Milder temps in the low 70's and upper 60's were the daytime highs this week with evenings at our 9200ft elevation dipping into the 30's for the first time in quite a while. The crisp mornings had a touch of fall in the air, certainly a sign of things to come as summer begins to wind down. The summer crowds we've seen for the better part of two months have really died down, especially mid week, with many of the schools being back in session. This has made for exceptional fishing and hiking conditions with less fishing pressure at area fisheries and less hiking traffic at the 5 canyon trailheads.

The wildflowers are now fading about as fast as they appeared back in June, so goes the seasons in the high country I guess. It is indeed interesting to note that a few branches on a handful of aspen trees are already starting to turn a bit yellow, yet another reminder that fall is right around the corner.

Backcountry anglers are continuing to report excellent results on wild trout including Brookies, Goldens, Rainbows and Browns depending on which basin they fish. Long Lake produced very well this week for those tossing spinners and spoons, mostly Rainbows with a few Brookies mixed in. Green Lake continues to produce some quality fish 'Bows, but numbers aren't there so only the patient anglers are having success.

Bishop Creek So. Fork
Steady creek flows have kept the conditions in the creek relatively static over the past few weeks and this week again saw a lot of happy anglers, especially over the weekend as the DFW stocked late in the week. Salmon eggs, pieces of nightcrawler, orange Powerbait and Panther Martin spinners were all producing for the creek fishers.

Weir Pond
The Weir got loaded up heavy with DFW Rainbows late in the week making it a hot spot for both fly and spin fishers. The most productive lures were mini-jigs, Kastmasters and Thomas Buoyants. Fly fishers are still having luck on bead-head nymphs, streamers and dries early and late in the day.

Intake II
No reports of anything sizeable out of the Intake this week but I don't think we talked to anyone who didn't do really well on pan sized Rainbows. Salmon Peach, Flo. Orange or hot Pink Powerbait were the best producers for the bait n' wait folks. Fly fishers did very well on streamers like hornbergs and wooly buggers. Berkley Mice Tails in pink/white and various brightly colored mini-jigs worked best for those who like to fish plastics.

North Lake
Catch counts ranged from 7 fish to 30 fish for some groups but everyone had at least some success at North Lake this week. Crawler pieces fished under a bobber, salmon eggs fished off the bottom, fly/bubble combo all topped the list of productive tactics.

Lake Sabrina
A bit of wind here and there at Sabrina this week but when the conditions were good, the fishing was as well. Sabrina continues to be the hot spot for the bigger fish in the canyon. Rainbows in the 2 to 4lb range are being caught several times a week over there. For more details and pictures, click here.

South Lake
Pretty much the same report as last week - a few Browns & 13' with an occasional Rainbow mixed in.

Jared Smith & the Parchers Resort Crew

PS As always, we are happy to provide high resolution images to our friends in the press upon request

Photos of the Week

The Guerrero family with an impressive haul from North Lake including some chunky fish to 3lbs. Most of the fish were caught using mini-jigs and trout worms.

Zoey Ateho from Las Vegas catching a Rainbow Trout at North Lake with a little help from her big cousin Andy Quiceno.
The fish were caught on grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs.

California DFW stocking Weir Pond with several net fulls of pan sized Rainbows

Resort staffer Seth Blackamore put his free diving gear to the test as he scoped out many of the better spots on South Lake in the hopes of finding where the elusive giant Browns are hiding. Resort staffer Ryan Smart pulled Seth around on the kayak as he scoped out most of the shoreline of the lake and while he did spot some nice fish including a Brown in the 2-3lb class, the super jumbo Browns remained hidden in the depths.

South Lake - week of 8/24/14


As you can see, all is well at Lake Sabrina. Shown here is resort staffer Andy Quiceno rigging up for some afternoon fishing


Resort Staffer Joceline Quiceno posing with camp dogs Cabella & Brookie at the top of Piute Pass looking down towards Humphrey's Basin 8-9-14

Tiger Lily along the Piute Pass Trail - 8-9-14

To see pictures of more whoppers caught in the Bishop Creek Canyon this year, click here

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