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Bishop Creek Canyon Fish & Trail Report 


Fish & Trail Report

Updated 10-5-14


Summary & Trail Report

After a nice touch of weather last week, this week jumped right back up in temperature with above normal temps soaring well into the high 60's and even the low 70's as canyon visitors, mostly leaf peepers, gathered in droves to enjoy this glorious first weekend of October. A few thru-hikers tricked into our store this week but for the most part day-hiking has taken over activities in the backcountry with evening temps still dipping down into the mid to low 30's.


Backcountry fishing reports were far and few between but some really nice backcountry Raianbows were caught in this area, mostly on the fly. Some good fishing on Brookies was reported out of the backcountry behind North Lake as these fall spawners have started to get a bit more aggressive in the past weeks.


Bishop Creek So. Fork

The bite really slowed down this week with folks wondering if perhaps the cold snap was a factor, or of the absense of a DFW stocking truck for over 2 weeks was the predominant factor. In any case, limits were certainly reported this week for folks working hard on the stream covering lots of territory. Folks expecting to pull a limit out of their one favorite hole on the other hand were mostly disappointed. Those who were the most successful in the stream were using finesse tactics including ultra-light line and very small hooks (size 10 or less) drufting single salmon eggs or small pieces of nightcrawler fly-lined (meaning no weight) in slower moving pool or with as little weigth as you can get away with in the fast moving sections. Fly fishers were able to connect on small Brookies and Browns with a few Rainbows too in some of the lesser fished areas.



Weir Pond

We didn't see anyone but photographers at Weir this week so not much in the way of a fishing report aside from folks remarking that "there are a lot of fishing jumping in that pond".


Intake II

It was feast or famine at the Intake this week but those in the know are catching 'em. At one point we had back to back customers in our shop reporting a group skunk and the next group limits. Those who did best had one thing in common - salmon eggs for bait. This is hardly typical for the season as soaking salmon eggs in still water for Rainbows is usually what we see in the spring, but for whatever reason, this is the second week in a row where red Salmon Eggs, most preferring the Pautzke's, were your best bet for a limit. Some folks drowning crawlers under a bobber in the flats or inflated off the bottom in the deeper sections managed some fish too, especially those adding garlic sauce like Bite-On to the equation. Lets hope DFW makes a return to the canyon this week to spruce up what is usually a killer fall bite.


North Lake

I haven't had to say this all season long but truth is truth and here it is - North Lake was very slow this week (gasp!). The small lake which usually has folks raving about the excellent fishing and is typically where I send families looking for easy shore access with good catching (not just good fishing), had most visitors scratching their heads and coming home empty handed.  


Lake Sabrina

The bite at Lake Sabrina has finally slowed down this week but those who put in the time and effort still walked away with fish, including a few slugs in the 2 - 3lb range. Jigs & trout worms were tops for the cast & retreive folks with Sierra Slammer grasshopper worms, matchstick jigs and grasshopper jigs accounting for decent numbers of pan sized Rainbows. Bait fishing at the inlet was still fairly steady, mostly on inflated crawlers and brightly colored garlic Powerbaits. Trolling small Rapalas, cralwers on Dave  Davis flahers and kastmaster/crawler worked pretty well also as with the fish being fairly spread out, covering a lot of water helped put fish in the boat. For more info, pictures and reports, visit


South Lake

No reports this week. They continue to work on the intake structure at the lake and hope to finish within the next several weeks before winter arrives.


Jared Smith & the Parchers Resort Crew

PS As always, we are happy to provide high resolution images to our friends in the press upon request

Photos of the Week


Vince Pedroza with a 2.07lb Rainbow caught at Lake Sabrina on Powerbait.


Mike Page from San Diego with a nice Rainbow from the stream that weighed in at just under 2lbs.

Golden Trout from Evolution Lake caught by resort staffer Seth Blackamore

Sunset from the summit of Mt. Whitney 9-3-14


Summit of Mt. Whitney 9-3-14

Surveyor's Meadow 9-7-14


Resort staffer Joceline Quiceno along the North to South Loop



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