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Bishop Creek Canyon Fish & Trail Report 


Fish & Trail Report
Updated 8-31-14

Summary & Trail Report
Aside from a bit of wind on Saturday, the weather this week was nothing short of gorgeous with highs in the mid 70's and lows in the 40's. Hikers and anglers alike, including two of the Parchers Resort staff, made the most of the ideal conditions on the North Lake to South Lake loop along the John Muir Trail. Not surprisingly trail conditions are excellent and creek flows are low making creek crossings much easier than normal.

Despite the return of very summer-like weather, there is a definite air of fall about as the meadow grasses are beginning to yellow, as are the willows and some of the aspen above the 9000ft range. Even some of the lower groves are starting to lighten considerably from a deep dark green to a brilliant lime hue. Get those cameras ready folks, the fall color season is nearly at hand.

Bishop Creek So. Fork
Creek flows are lower than in past weeks but still flowing at an excellent level for fishing. Some of the flat sections of riffles were a little too skinny to fish but the majority of the deeper holes, pockets and pools are fishing great. Heavy DFW stockings made for an excellent overall bite with some solid Rainbows to 2.84lbs taken. Most of the action was on Grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs, Red Powerbait and Pautske's green label salmon eggs.

Weir Pond
Light fishing pressure mid week turned to busy busy busy over the weekend but with the high number of wild Brook & Brown trout to go along with hefty stockings from the DFW in recent weeks, the Weir was fishing excellent this week, especially for those with chest waders. Mini-jigs in cricket or grasshopper were the best for those who prefer plastics and fly fishers did best on bead-head nymphs fished under a large stimulator.

Intake II
Most visitors found plenty of pan sized Rainbows to catch here this week despite heavy fishing pressure. Anything in the tackle box produced at least a few fish for most folks but Thomas Bouyants in red/gold, Berkley Mice Tails in pink/white, nightcrawlers fished 5ft under a bobber, or brightly colored Powerbait fished 3ft off the bottom were the most productive for those looking to fill a stringer.

North Lake
The early bird gets the worm, or in this case gets the fishing spot as North Lake was a very popular destination for anglers this week. The usual suspects worked well with nightcrawlers and Powerbait leading the pack.

Lake Sabrina
For more details and pictures, click here.

South Lake
No reports this week.

Jared Smith & the Parchers Resort Crew

PS As always, we are happy to provide high resolution images to our friends in the press upon request

Photos of the Week

Riley Wallevand from Corona with 2.22lb Rainbow from Bishop Creek using Salmon Eggs

Daniel Signett from Canyon Country with a 2.84lb Rainbow out of Parchers Hole on So. Fork Bishop Creek using Red Powerbait.

A happy family with a big stringer of trout from So. Fork Bishop Creek using Grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs.


California DFW stocking Weir Pond with several net fulls of pan sized Rainbows

Resort staffer Seth Blackamore put his free diving gear to the test as he scoped out many of the better spots on South Lake in the hopes of finding where the elusive giant Browns are hiding. Resort staffer Ryan Smart pulled Seth around on the kayak as he scoped out most of the shoreline of the lake and while he did spot some nice fish including a Brown in the 2-3lb class, the super jumbo Browns remained hidden in the depths.

South Lake - week of 8/24/14


As you can see, all is well at Lake Sabrina. Shown here is resort staffer Andy Quiceno rigging up for some afternoon fishing


Resort Staffer Joceline Quiceno posing with camp dogs Cabella & Brookie at the top of Piute Pass looking down towards Humphrey's Basin 8-9-14

Tiger Lily along the Piute Pass Trail - 8-9-14

To see pictures of more whoppers caught in the Bishop Creek Canyon this year, click here

To see higher resolution images visit our Facebook page


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