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Bishop Creek Canyon Fish & Trail Report 


Fish & Trail Report


Summary & Trail Report
One of the most weather dominated Memorial weeks I can remember, canyon visitors found a mix of snow, rain, hail and sunshine, often in the same afternoon. At our eleveation we had multiple inches of snow fall no less than 3 different days during the week, only to have it melt off the following day as the morning sun made quick work of the wet snow.

 While the weather didn't necessarily impede access to any of the trails that were open last week, it certainly didn't help open them any further. The cooler weather also put the breaks on backcountry lakes icing out as the lake reports we received were pretty much identical to the conditions reported last week with most of the lakes over the 11000ft elevation half or mostly frozen.

The California DFW arrived this week stocking plenty of trout, and a nice grade of trout at that, for the holiday crowds.

Bishop Creek So. Fork
Creek flows remain excellent on the South Fork, especially given the amount of precipitation we've received this week. The water clarity is still great and following plants by the DFW on Thursday, fishing really picked up. Lots of limits and reports of several successful catch & release efforts flowed throughout the weekend. Cricket mini-jigs with a white trout worm trailer was one of the more specific lure combos accounting for lots of catching, but salmon eggs, Powerbait, crawlers and spinners were working well too.

Weir Pond
Still no reports from Weir Pond as our guests have preferred other canyon destinations over this popular spot.

North Lake
We had some excellent reports from North Lake, especially those jiggin' tubes - grasshopper and cricket by Sierra Slammers were the hot ticket, especially when dipped in the garlic Bite-On sauce. A solid bite on inflated crawlers, garlic Powerbait and Thomas Buoyants as well. The most skilled anglers practicing catch & release with artificials reported as many as 20 fish per rod on Saturday, with the bite slowing down just a bit on Sunday.

Intake II
After this week's stocking the bite went from slow to red hot with most folks reporting limits or near limits fishing from the bank. Most of the reports were from the bait dunkers using brightly colored dough baits or Berkely Micetails in various bright colors, usually pink/white or orange/white.

Lake Sabrina
The bite picked up from Wednesday afternoon on over at Sabrina and continued to be good the rest of the week. Folks found the bite a bit tough from shore on Thursday, presumably because the fish were still schooled up and had moved away from the most accessible shoreline near the dam. As the fish spread out however, folks started doing really well, especially on plastics - cricket & grasshopper Sierra Slammer jigs were reported to be a productive lure over the weekend. For a more detailed report from our friends at Lake Sabrina Boat Landing, visit their website by clicking here.

South Lake
No reports from South Lake this week.

Backcountry Fishing
For those braving the snow flurries and cold, backcountry anglers were rewarded with great fishing. Lure tossers did the best as the weather made fly fishing cumbersome at best. The usual artificial lures, jigs and flies are working.

Photos of the Week

Andy Dorris from San Diego, CA escaped     the worst of the high country weather by making the run down to the Lower Owens in Bishop. He was rewarded with some fat Rainbows weighting 4.65lbs, 3.05lbs and 1.87lbs all caught using a grasshopper Sierra Slammer jig.

His cousin Jeff Dorris braved the elements at Lake Sabrina used a combo of nightcrawlers and Sierra Slammer cricket jigs to land this healthy stringer of Rainbows to 18"

Just to emphasize how much the weather has shifted from day to day, or even hour by hour, here are two pictures of the resort. First, Parchers Resort Sunday morning around 7:30am after a nice 5" snowfall the night before - beautiful! The 2nd picture is 10 hours later on the same day and there's no snow to be found. Wild stuff!

Resort staffer Joceline Quiceno took the camp dogs Cabella, Wiley & Brookie up to Tyee Lake #1 on Sunday. The trail was clear except for a few patches of snow and the first lake was ice-free.

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 Some of our favorite photos from 2014

Golden Trout from Evolution Lake caught by resort staffer Seth Blackamore





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