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Parchers Resort and the Environment 


Parchers Resort is not only a special place because of the wide range of recreational opportunities available and the services provided, but also because of the forest setting in which the resort sits. Inyo National Forest contains some of the most pristine lakes, streams and forests anywhere in country and Parchers Resort is committed to making sound environmental choices to help keep it that way. At Parchers Resort we are always searching for green alternatives to energy production, water and waste processing to lower our environmental impact.

The Smith family is dedicated to balancing enjoyment of the forest and environmentalism.  We believe in the "walk softly" approach.  Many years ago the slogan, "take only pictures, leave only footprints" was coined for the backcountry.  We encourage guests to have an attitude of conservation and low impact as they visit the forest. 


Power Generation

 Parchers Resort's power needs are met by means of a self-contained and self-maintained hydroelectric generator on the resort premises. A small spring diversion provides the water that powers all of our cabins, RV sites and store throughout the summer months. Hydro-electric power is the cleanest method of creating electricity and Parchers is proud to say that our electricity is environmentally friendly.

The Parchers Hydro in 2007

Beautiful South Lake in the Bishop Creek Canyon

Photo courtesy of Don Gale, Photography by Don




Don't Feed our Bears

 One of the most spectacular features of the national forest is the wildlife found here. Encounters with deer, bald eagles, bobcats, pine martens, marmots and even bears can make the outdoors experience unforgettable. Unfortunately, when people and wildlife share the same space, there can be conflicts. To help keep the canyon's bears wild, Parchers Resort purchased all new bear resistant trash receptacles in 2006 and 2007. Our hope is to keep human food off the resident black bear's menu so they will stick to their natural forage of berries, grasses, nuts and of course, fish.









Solar Power at South Lake Boat Landing

South Lake itself is a reservoir built to create clean  renewable energy. The Bishop Creek Drainage alone creates about enough electricity to power an entire town. It should then be no surprise that South Lake Boat Landing is run entirely on a clean renewable energy source, in our case solar power. One of the only solar powered marina operations in the whole of the Sierra, we're proud that the rays of the sun power our boathouse.





The Parchers Hydro Circa the 1940's


Low Emissions, Highly Efficient Boat Motors

  South Lake Bishop is one of the most scenic alpine lakes accessible by car in the whole of the Eastern Sierra. The ownership of Parchers Resort is committed to keeping the trout filled waters of South Lake crystal clear. In 2007, Parchers Resort finished the two year plan of outfitting the entire 14-foot rental fleet with clean burning 4-stroke motors. All of the old 2-stroke polluters have been retired from the fleet. The Honda and Evinrude 4-stroke motors are not only considerably more fuel efficient than their predecessors, they also prevent pollutants from getting into the water.

Photo by Steve Smith


Mr. Black Bear fishing at South Lake

 Photo by Jared Smith


Responsible Cafe Operation

The South Fork Restaurant at Parchers Resort is also doing the environment right in a number of ways. For instance, did you know that our used fryer oil is recycled by Bishop locals and made into Bio-Diesel fuel? Also, in 2007 our cafe ditched the old styrofoam food containers and switched to eco-friendly 100% biodegradable to-go boxes. These are just a few of the ways in which Parchers Resort fights waste.


All Solar Boathouse at South Lake


More to come....

Parchers Resort has a history of environmentally sound operation, like the freshwater spring which has fed the whole resort with crisp clean delicious water for over half a century. Even so, there is more to be done. The little things. Like outfitting all of our cabins with low usage compact fluorescent bulbs in 2007, can make a big difference. As technology and innovation continue to bring improvements in eco-friendly business practices, Parchers Resort is dedicated to continuing on a path that keeps our operation in harmony with the incredible forested surroundings we hold so dear.







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